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Yo Messaging App Was Hacked

By: Nick Santini  |   June 21st, 2014

If you haven't already used the brilliantly simple Yo app that took the App & Google Play store by storm over the past couple days, you need to go download it. It was also discussed in the last episode of TLK SHOW.

Oh yeah, it's already been hacked!

What does the Yo app do?

For those that don't know about it, here is an overview:

The Yo app is probably one of the most basic messaging apps to hit the market. Like most apps, you are required to choose a username. Because Yo doesn't connect to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ users must invite friends by entering there username. Once a friends list has been put together you click on one of your friends and a "Yo" notification is sent to their phone.

Yeah... that's literally the extent of Yo's capabilities. Based on the simplicity of the app it is hard to consider it to be a messaging app.

So why was Yo hacked?

Yo was hacked by Chintan Parikh, a 19 year old student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, along with a two of his friends. Apparently, it was such a light task that the hackers managed to hack Yo in just an hour last Thursday night.

It isn't surprising that Yo was hacked given its recent popularity. With an app so simple, it seems that it was only a matter of time.

What the hackers accomplished was adding a simple message to its users shown in the picture below.

yo app hacked message

The hackers could have accomplished much more such as, "spamming users with custom messages and even spoof other users," says Or Arbel, the app's developer.

What does TLK SHOW think of the Yo app?

Upon first glance it is easy to see that it was, in fact, the result of an "eight hour coding session." After using the app for a couple of minutes it was clear that the Yo app is more of a gimmick than a quality app. It would not be surprising if the app remains popular for a couple more weeks.

The biggest problem we have with the app is determining if the app is genius or incredibly stupid. The app could be potentially useful as long as the users have a predetermined meaning for the word "Yo".

For instance, if I were to be meeting a friend somewhere, the Yo notification could be a signal to let the friend know that I was there. Even then, I think a simple text message would suffice. Therefore, our view of Yo is leaning more towards incredibly stupid.

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