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Samson Meteor: The best podcasting mic for the money

By: Nick Santini  |   July 2nd, 2014

So you did it, you really did it this time... you started your own podcast. Great! But there is only one problem - you don't have a microphone to record your podcast on!

Wow, I think I just started a podcast but I don't even have a microphone yet.

- Nick Santini

Yeah... don't be that guy!

With all of the many microphones out there, I am here to help you chose the right one for your podcast and that is the Samson Meteor Mic.

First thoughts about the mic

For starters, it is absolutely gorgeous! There is nothing like a solid metal microphone, especially with the gunmetal/chrome finish that this one has. Not to mention the cool futuristic look it has to it.

samson meteor microphone

The mic comes with three legs that conveniently fold out for a tripod and in for storage. While I like the design of the three legs, I chose to modify it which I will talk about later.


The Samson Meteor is a condenser mic that uses USB. The great part about this USB mic is that it is plug n' play so you don't have to worry about installing drivers. The mic has a 3.5mm headphone jack along with volume control so you can hear your voice real time with no delay.

How's the sound quality you ask?

Pretty amazing considering the price. The mic has a built-in p-pop blocking effect with 16-bit / 48kHz recording. That means you get great voice and sound recordings without the need for a pop filter.


After all of the research I did when choosing the right microphone for the TLK SHOW podcast I chose the Meteor. I must say I haven't doubted it for a second.

The only cons I found with the microphone were the legs. What I decided to do was to remove the legs and use a 6" desktop mic stand. Luckily, the bottom was threaded so that it can be used with most mic stands.

For only $69.99, I thing this is the best microphone for all those people out there that are just starting there own podcast. The professional quality for the price just can't be beat.


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